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Welcome to my site
I'm finally ready to create a website and everywhere I go there are stupid rules I have to fallow. So this is the best place I could go. I dont know much about html codes and all that so be kind to my site it would be kind to you.I also know there are spelling and grammer errors.
My name is Helen. Most know me as Helen Servo. I'm just your average 18yr old female, except for one thing. I'm a capper. A few select people in this world where given a gift, this gift is to cap. (learn more about capping in my fav links section)
I'm looking forward to graduating high school in march. Then in the fall I will attend a local college and get certified as a auto machanic, after that I will head to New Mexico and take some classes on Equine.
Everyone has dreams and goals. Life puts ugly bumps in the way. Get past them and move on. You will reach your Dreams one day :)
There are two things in this world I love more than capping. Movies and Music.
I think to make a great movie everything has to fit. The actors, script, location, everything. I feel that two movies(which also happen to be my fav) do this perfectly.
1. In the Name of the Father
2.Rocky Horror Picture Show
now start to argue all you want I dont care. This is what I feel.
Since RHPS has it's own website (go look at fav links) I'm only gonna tell you about "In the Name of the Father"
The movie stars Daniel Day-Lewis. He playes an Irish man who is sent to England in the late 70's to get away from IRA actions there. While in London a IRA bomb exlpods and kills people. Daniel,along with his father,aunt, two nephews, uncle, and three friends, are charged with the bombing, murder, and making of the bombs.
After spending almost 15 years in jail Daniels father decideds to get a lawer and try to get out. His faher dies in Jail, but Daniel continues the appeal. In searching the case files a huge piece of evidence is found.
Watch the movie you will be shocked and amazed.
Music is the other thing I love dearly. I would like to make a side note to a certin capper. No matter what people tell you, the music you love kicks ass. always remeber that.
ok so now on to music. I listen to everything, but one perticular type of music made me who I am today. That music is Alternative. I was born and raised in Washington state and was exposed greatly to this music and the style became me.
Bands like Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Sound Garden, Nirvana, Temple of the Dog, Stone Temple Pilots, and others made this girl realize that music is a great way to express your self. And I love it.
I listen to everything depending on moods. I love to sing and dance. I just pop in a cd and let it take me where it wants to. :)

Tell me what you think
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Every week or so I will change this pic. Untill then send me your cap's for it. Every friday I will anouce a winner and have there cap there for the weekend. So come on and play along.
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